Alternative Educational Environment

The Herrbrook Day Program

The Herrbrook Day Program at Winner’s Circle Center is a clinical and alternative educational environment providing individualized support with academic, organizational and motivational strategies for students aged 14 – 21 who have been diagnosed with mental health disorders such as Autism, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, behavioral disorders or who require significant social, emotional or behavioral supports to achieve success in school. The program is staffed with Licensed Mental Health Clinicians and highly trained therapeutic support personnel with the intent of creating trusting therapeutic relationships with every student.

Students enrolled in the Herrbrook Day Program are concurrently enrolled in an online academic curriculum and will receive daily academic, organizational and motivational support to successfully access the curriculum. Additionally, students will receive psycho-social education in social skills, relationship building, independent living, goal setting, etc. Based on individual student goals, students may also receive mental health treatment planning, individual counseling and group counseling including Cognitive-Behavioral and Solution Focused Therapy, Art and Expressive Therapy, and Animal Assisted Psychotherapy.

Student’s IEP teams and school-based teams will determine the amount of days per week the student should attend to receive these supports. The Herrbrook Day Program can only be recommended and purchased by the student’s home school district (Local Education Agency). The Day Program is designed to be a half-day program that operates Monday through Friday during the school year.

Specialized Services:

  • Strengths-based Cognitive Behavioral and Solution Focused Approach
  • Individual Treatment Planning including Individual and Group Therapy
  • Psycho-Social Group Education
  • Positive Behavioral Incentives System
  • Coordination with home school case management and support services
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Coordination with community mental health services if applicable  
  • Transition Planning