Group Services

  • School Based Psycho-Educational/Therapeutic Groups
  • Professional/Administrative/Corporate Groups

School Based Psycho-Educational/Therapeutic Groups

  • Psycho-Educational topics will be determined based on district request or student needs
  • Topics may include Social Skills, Feelings, Cooperation, Perspective-Taking, Problem Solving, Relationships, Leadership, Assertiveness, Team Building, Anger Management, etc.
  • Winner’s Circle Center will work with District to create customized enrichment opportunities based on the needs of the population being served in order to meet academic standards
  • Sessions may be comprised of experiential opportunities throughout the farm environment including interacting with animals, experiencing and observing nature, therapeutic play, making art, and quiet self-reflection
  • Populations may include Regular Education, Special Education, Gifted, Emotional/Behavioral Support, Autistic Support, Life Skills
  • Each Psycho-Educational group may consist of up to 8  – 10 students based on support needs
  • Groups may be indoors or outdoors, weather permitting (indoor group facilities available)
  • Districts may purchase one or more days of group sessions per week throughout school year
  • Students will be transported between home school and Winner’s Circle Center by home district

Professional/Administrative/Corporate Groups

Are you looking for experiential opportunities for leadership training, teambuilding or retreat? Winner’s Circle Center is pleased to offer individually designed training, development and retreat opportunities for employees, managers and administrators of businesses, groups and teams. In developing a plan for your training, we may conduct a needs-assessment to identify goals and objectives for your particular group. Farm-based activities including Equine Assisted groups, nature walks, art activities, and quiet reflection in the outdoors may be incorporated to enhance the experience for your unique situation. Your individualized program may include various modes of experiential learning. Group opportunities may be hourly, ½ day, 1-day or multiple days and may include snacks and/or refreshments. Nearby lodging is available.